My journey


My experience was molded in the field, in the business world.

20 years of career in large groups and SME’s, in operational and functional positions. (Social rights coordinator in a paramedical structure, European Project Manager in automotive group, Administrative Director in photography, General Purchasing and Infrastructures Director in aeronautics…).

Concurrently trained in Freudian and Jungian psychotherapy. I then continued my education through transactional analysis, neuroscience and quantum physics. I also explored meditative approaches.

Since 2007, co-founder and Practice Manager Arcoïris www.arcoï


I am a simple man who offers holistic, i.e. global support.

During my professional and personal life, I have experienced situations to which I had to give meaning in order to be able to continue (professional failure, financial emergency, illness, death and meaning of life…).

I have developed a greater perception of the issues at stake for everyone and have adapted tools for immediate action.

I convey what I have integrated and what I can explain by relying on the rationality of science. This path allows me to be well anchored, with my feet firmly on the ground, with a more global approach to the challenges of each being, each life, our place on earth and our connection with the Universe.

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